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October 31, 2017 • orchidadmin

New and innovative software solutions can help nearly any industry, and the healthcare industry is no exception. In fact, the healthcare industry is arguably one of the industries that have the most to gain from advances in software. Here are some of the ways that healthcare software development are helping to advance healthcare industry.

Data storage

Hospitals, doctors’ offices, urgent care clinics, and other healthcare offices all collect large volumes of data. This data can include the results of a patient’s lab tests, documents about his or her medical history, allergies, etc. Before software came along, every single piece of data had to be stored manually with a physical document. Now, however, because of software innovations, a large amount of medical data can be stored digitally. This makes the data storage process much more efficient for healthcare companies, and also makes it significantly easier for a patient’s data to be accessed and shared with other healthcare providers if necessary.

Health monitoring

Software innovations have made it easier for healthcare workers to monitor their patients’ health. This can be crucial in many circumstances. A device called an RPM (remote patient monitoring) can even be worn now by patients, and lets doctors monitor key health information. RPM’s and similar devices are smart devices which can communicate with and send data to other devices. It is software that allows this to happen. So, if there is a sudden problem with a patient, the doctor can be notified automatically. This can be critical in many situations. Even devices such as Fitbits can be helpful for a patient to monitor fitness information at home.


Because of breakthroughs in software technology, doctors do not have to rely purely on experience, training, and intuition to make a diagnosis. There is actually now software that can help doctors to make faster and more accurate diagnoses. In the near future programs such as IBM’s Watson will most likely be used more and more in healthcare to make diagnoses. This is because such software programs will be able to analyze symptoms and sort through thousands of potential illnesses to find the correct one. Doctors will still be needed to help with the diagnoses, however, they could soon get much more accurate and faster. This is beneficial for everyone who ever needs to have a professional make a diagnosis of their health problems, and it could potentially save lives. The faster and the more accurately that diagnoses can be made, the better it is for the patient. This is because it will enable treatment to be provided quicker and with more success.